Rigor is creating an environment in which each student is expected to learn at high levels,
each student is supported so he or she can learn at high levels,
and each student demonstrates learning at high levels (Blackburn, 2008).

Friday, February 27, 2015

Teachers Make a Difference

It's the end of February, and, for me, this was always a tough stretch.  Short days with little sunlight, lots of gray clouds, and my students sometimes were in a "blah" mood.  Everybody is ready for spring, but it doesn't seem to be coming.  I thought about this last night, since we had 6-8 inches of snow--and I live in North Carolina.  We don't get that much that often!  This is on top of a really bad ice storm last week.  I've been cooped up a lot, and it reminded me how I felt when I was a teacher.  But in the midst of the winter, remember--you still make a difference, everyday!  Make a difference today!

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