Rigor is creating an environment in which each student is expected to learn at high levels,
each student is supported so he or she can learn at high levels,
and each student demonstrates learning at high levels (Blackburn, 2008).

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Have you ever felt like you were juggling too many things at one time? It has been that way for me lately. I kept thinking that things would calm down by now, but... A friend of mine laughed at me, saying "things never calm down; you just get better at dealing with them." I hope that's true. For me, the last year has been full of changes. In 2009 I took a new job at a different university. It's amazing how the same job is different at a new place. When I married in December, I was balancing a new job, commuting two hours each way, a new husband and stepson, finishing a book, and selling my house. TOO MUCH! My first decision to add balance was to quit my university job at the end of the year. So, in June, I became a full time writer/speaker, wife and mom. There's still a lot to balance. Just finishing the new book--Rigor in Your School--A Toolkit for Leaders, and I'm taking some time off the road. Right now, my biggest tip for balance is to make a list this morning--not a full to
do list but a two column list: Definite Things to Accomplish Things I'd Like to Get Done (But I won't beat myself up if I don't).
Usually, that was all on one list, but this way I feel more accomplishment!

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